Overwhelming show of no confidence in Desborough Council among parish poll voters

Ballot box
Ballot box

Hundreds of Desborough residents overwhelmingly displayed their lack of confidence in their town council last night after a much-anticipated parish poll.

Residents got the chance to show their disapproval after being hit with a staggering 422 per cent council tax precept hike.

They said the council hadn’t consulted them in the correct manner over the increase or what the money was being spent on.

And after last night’s mini-referendum - which had a turnout of 27.2 per cent - their voices were finally heard.

There were 2,133 votes of support for a vote of no confidence in the town council, compared to just 103 objections.

A total of 2,086 people supported a call for the council to undertake a full public consultation before decisions were made about precepts and loans, with 51 objections.

And 2,069 people backed a bid for a binding agreement be put in place between the council and residents, which would see the precept be set at a level agreed by residents in the future, with 67 objections.

Campaigner Kevin O’Brien says the ball is now in the council’s court.

He said: “It’s not what we do now, it’s what they do.

“We have given them opportunities to communicate and if they did that we would be able to empathise with them.

“I’m pleased with the turnout and 95 per cent of the votes went our way.

“Lots of people came out to vote. There was an elderly gentleman with two walking sticks who unfortunately fell over outside the polling station and there was a woman who must have been in her 90s.

“It’s a very emotive issuue and our community has come together because the precept has affected everybody.

“People are really pleased that this has happened.”

Desborough Town Council has not yet issued a response to the results.