Outgoing Harborough Carnival chairman thanks his successful team

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The man who has been at the helm of the Harborough Carnival for the last 13 years has decided to step down from the role.

Although it is a summer event, the Harborough Carnival committee meets throughout the year, and at the final meeting of 2017 John Bush announced that he would not be offering himself as chairman for 2018.

Mr Bush said he felt that after 13 years as chairman he felt it was time to bring in “new blood” and pass the baton to another volunteer.

He added: “The Carnival has a structure as a base for a new chairman and sufficient financial reserves to ensure that it can run under its current structure at least for 2018.”

Mr Bush added that would like to thank all of those organisations who had supported the carnival, and him, over the years.

He added: “Specifically Rotary, Round Table, Lions and Harborough Town Football Club – who took over from Brooke House Football Academy.”

He also thanked Suzanne Leete and Tracy Campe who had been helping throughout and also Lesley Croft who had the difficult job of parade organising. He also acknowledged the essential support of Sandersons Transport, Chris Sanderson and the volunteer drivers who gave their time to drive for the Parade.

Paul Milligan has volunteered to take the role of chairman.

John added: “Paul presented to the meeting a programme for the 2018 Carnival which has many imaginative ideas.”