Outdoor locker appeal is launched by school

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Harborough’s Welland Park Academy is trying to raise thousands of pounds to buy its students outdoor lockers as it prepares for expansion later this year.

Nicki Burgess, chairman of the school’s PTA, says that older students starting at the college in September this year will need more room to store learning materials and projects.

She added: “After our success of raising nearly £20,000 two years ago for our quad canopy we have decided to reach even higher.

“We have set ourselves a massive target of £45,000 over the next couple of years to purchase lockers for every student.

“As our age range changes in September 2016 and we will have students studying for GCSE’s, there will be more of a need for somewhere for students to store folders and art work. Obviously 900 lockers will take up a huge amount of space so need to put them outside which means that they have to be rust proof and vandal proof lockers - which cost approximately £50 per child.”

To launch the fundraising, the PTA is hosting a VIP Night at the Dogs at Peterborough Greyhound Stadium on May 21.

Tickets are £25 and include - coach, entry to the stadium, race program a private suite, two course buffet and private bar. Tickets must be bought by Friday, April 14. Contact Nicki on 01858 464795 for more.