One of Santa's 'reindeer' loses leg in bad weather near Market Harborough

Rudolf lost his leg while out with Father Christmas at the weekend
Rudolf lost his leg while out with Father Christmas at the weekend

Sad tidings have been reported from Foxton’s Christmas Stables, the temporary home of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

While out on Saturday evening with Market Harborough Scouts in the villages of Ashley, Medbourne, The Langtons and Cranoe, Rudolf lost his front left leg!

Debbie Billington, Market Harborough’s Scout Commissioner, who was navigating Rudolf’s sleigh with Santa said: “The rain and wind on Saturday night were awful. Rudolf wasn’t feeling too happy because he doesn’t experience severe wind and rain in Lapland.

"Snow falls there instead of rain because it is so cold, which is what Rudolf likes best. Nevertheless, he braved the weather and took Santa around the Welland Valley. Santa gave lots of ho, ho, hos and Christmas good cheer to houses and families, especially those with little children.

"We think Rudolf’s leg fell off on a country road. Scouts, elves and family helpers, are out searching the roadsides this weekend for the lost leg."

Debbie explained: “Every Christmas Rudolf and Santa make a special visit to Harborough district to enjoy carrots, pies and mulled wine and to help with collecting for Scouts.

"Boys and girls of every age enjoy the all year round friendship and fun of scouting and we are always glad of extra help at Christmas from Rudolf and Santa.”

If anyone finds Rudolf’s leg, which is described as 'the front left leg of a reindeer; light-brown, covered with hair, with no iron shoe on the hoof' please contact Debbie Billington at Scout HQ: 34/36 Main Street, Foxton, Market Harborough or telephone her on 07985 723987.

Father Christmas and the reindeers are sure that the incident will not affect their work in the coming days!