UFO reported over Harborough

A STRANGE orange-coloured object has been seen in the skies above Harborough in the town’s latest UFO mystery.

It was seen by Ian Patterson, who reported his experience on the UFO sightings website www.uk-ufo.co.uk.

Mr Patterson said he made the sighting on Sunday, January 2, at about 7pm.

Writing on the website, he said: “I saw what appeared to be a large orange aircraft landing light aproaching at high altitude and joked to my son that it was a UFO.

“I said if it’s a plane it’ll have red or a green flashing light, but it had no other lights.

“It seemed to get bigger and then turned to it’s right and went higher at incredible speed and disappeared into space. The night sky at this point was clear and black. I tried to check space launches/landings, but couldn’t find any relevant.”

There have been numerous sightings of mysterious objects in the skies above Harborough reported to the Mail in recent years, the majority of which have been explained away as Chinese lanterns.

The lanterns, popular as an alternative to fireworks on Bonfire Night or at New Year festivities, are like miniature hot-air balloons and are carried upwards by the heat of a small wick.

Extremely light, they can travel long distances, move very quickly in even a light wind and glow orange due to the burning wick.