Farm’s saucy spud causes a national stir

The saucy spud in question
The saucy spud in question

This funny-shaped potato proved chest the thing to put a Harborough farm shop in the national spotlight.

Staff at Farndon Fields Farm Shop fell about with laughter when managing director Kevin Stokes, who is also the region’s Potato Ambassador, found the saucy spud while grading potatoes last week.

And when the shop’s marketing manager Nicola Stokes shared the picture with local media on social media network twitter the story ended up going national, appearing in a number of national newspaper.

The story had its knockers, with some questioning the news value of an amusing vegetable.

But Nicola said: “The potato has certainly caught everyones eye! The reaction has been great, lots of people coming up with some great one liners.

“It is a very funny potato which made us giggle and so I decided to share it with our customers on Facebook and Twitter. It then went viral: the power of the internet is amazing. We know Kevin is a very talented farmer and grows some delicious fruit and vegetables, but he really did well with this special potato.

“The latest plans for the potato are to use it to raise money for charity. The ideas are still in planning stage but we look forward to using it in a positive way.

“I feel very privileged to be looking after this famous potato safely stored in a cool dark box. We will now keep our eyes peeled for anymore look-a-like homegrown veg!”