Number of dog bite incidents reported on canal towpath in Market Harborough

The suspected illegal immigrant has been arrested
The suspected illegal immigrant has been arrested

Police officers have been made aware of a number of dog bite incidents on the canal towpath in the union wharf area of Market Harborough involving what is believed to be the same dog.

On a number of occasions, people walking or jogging through have been approached by the dog and bitten. Dogs also being walked by their owners have been also bitten by the dog.

The dog is described as a light brown dog which is similar to a greyhound in appearance. It is often accompanied by two other dogs described as a black dog along with a smaller black and white terrier sized dog.

None of the injuries sustained by the people or dogs have been described as serious.

Enquiries are continuing to locate the offending dog and its owner and in the meantime officers would like to remind those who travel on foot through the area to remain vigilant if they are approached by the dog.