Now you might see two of these on our roads

One of the Alvis cars
One of the Alvis cars

Keep your eyes out on the road - now you might see two of these Alvis cars around the Harborough district.

Frank Cook of Lubenham inherited an old roadster car from a cousin. It needs relicensing so he tried to contact the register of the old make without any response.

When he and his wife, the chair of Lubenham Parish Council, were chatting to Bob Hakewell, it turned out that he knew the owner of a similar car in Market Harborough who was at one time an officer of the Owners Club. They were put in touch with each other. The particular car was at one time registered with the club so has a verifiable history for the DVLA.

Bob said: “We might now expect to see two mid wars Alvis Cars in the Harborough area gracing our streets.”