New plan for showmen’s site

Plans to convert agricultural land off Moorbarns Lane in Lutterworth into plots for travelling showmen risk adding to traffic problems at the site, Lutterworth Town Council has warned.

The council has objected to the plan for seven showman plots, submitted to Harborough District Council by travelling showman James Bond.

In a statement to the district authority, the town council said: “Members strongly object to the application due to the existing congestion on Moorbarns Lane: at the entrances to the schools, school playing fields, children’s playground and civic amenity site.

“This is a serious problem and additional traffic would be unimaginable and create further conflict in traffic movement.

“The condition of Moorbarns Lane is very poor and the single lane and narrowness of the bridge across the bypass would be very dangerous for large lorries, trailers and fairground rides.”

It follows parents’ concerns reported in the Mail last year that Moorbarns Lane and Woodway Road are completely gridlocked during pick-up and drop-off times at Lutterworth High School and John Wycliffe Primary School.

Parents who spoke to theMail feared it was only a matter of time before there was a serious accident.

The site in question is south of the A4304 bypass and Mr Bond’s existing caravan park.

It is on land which was once controversially earmarked by Harborough Council for new allotments in a move which would have seen the De Verdon Road plots sold for housing.

That plan was eventually scrapped in September 2009.

Mr Bond recently had an application to put 50 homes on his caravan park north of the bypass refused by Harborough Council.

In its decision notice, the council said it was concerned the proposal would result in the loss of much needed plots for travelling showmen.

Documents sent to the council as part of this latest application point out that traffic concerns were not a reason for refusing permission

It states: “The use as a showman’s yard will only be fully occupied during part of the year.

“When the showmen are out, very little traffic will be generated, except for the occasional moving of equipment.

“What traffic is generated is unlikely to clash with school times.

“The additional traffic is unlikely to cause conflict with other users of Moorbarns Lane including the existing showman’s site whether or not permission is granted for the change of use to residential.”

The document states there would be an average of about seven vehicle movements a day when the site was fully occupied, and significantly less at other times in the year.

“There will be additional occasional seasonal use by heavy goods vehicles carrying showman equipment and mobile residential trailers, but these are unlikely to be during the normal am or pm peak,” it states.

The site would have a new access on its southern boundary.

To view the planning application in full online, visit and use the planning application search, quoting reference 13/00976/FUL.