New homes may be out of Market Harborough


Future house building in the Harborough district could be concentrated away from Market Harborough itself, the latest council proposals show.

District councillors are now looking at four different options in a 15-year Local Plan to build more than 3,500 new homes across the district.

Their final choice could still be any one of the four options, or a hybrid solution that combines options.

But only one of the four options calls for a concentration of houses in Market Harborough, and councillors have said that at the moment this is their least favoured choice.

So far - and this could change with further research - the favourite options of the original nine seem to be:

Option 6: At the moment, a council favourite.

This would provide the much-need eastern relief road for Lutterworth, from the A4304, crossing the M1 to the A426 to the north of the town.

It would be “paid for” with almost 2,000 homes to the east of Lutterworth by 2031, and more afterwards.

Option 5: The other frontrunner. This option involves the development of 1,200 homes to the north and east of Kibworth.

The “carrot” for this option would be the creation of an A6 relief road to avoid the current Kibworth bottleneck.

Option 4: Originally rejected by councillors, this option calls for a concentration of homes in the Scraptoft/Thurby area, on the outskirts of Leicester, but still within the Harborough “patch”. This would involve the re-siting of Scraptoft Golf Club.

Option 2: This would bring another 1,300 homes to Market Harborough, on top of current plans. Not a councillor favourite at the moment.

Councillor Jo Brodrick, responsible for planning and regeneration,stressed: “This is a journey.

“This isn’t yet about making decisions, but at looking at the options.”