New book uncovers the county’s quirks

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A book about some of our county’s most unusual quirks and traditions – which includes pages about the Hallaton Bottle Kicking and Foxton Locks – has been published.

Leicestershire and Rutland: Unusual and Quirky has been written by Andrew Beardmore and was published earlier this month,

Abdrew said: “The book covers much that is weird and wonderful about both counties – like which Leicestershire village has a cow-milking organist, which had a beer-swilling fox, another a wig-detecting phantom, and yet another a parson who tied 58 bulldogs to 58 apple trees to prevent scrumping.

“Elsewhere, it tells the tale of a Rutland village which had a 14th century rector involved in serious organised crime, one which was hit by a meteorite, which one is twinned with Paris, and which one is home to a truly mind-blowing historical revelation.”

Andrew said that in addition to the unusual and quirky the book also supplies a conventional in-depth history of both counties from the Stone Age to the 21st century.

He added: “It therefore covers major topics such as Richard III’s death and the county’s role in the Wars of the Roses and Leicester’s pivotal connection with the English Civil War, while Market Harborough, Lutterworth and many villages from in Harborough district are represented by both conventional and obscure history.

“However, even the conventional history – in topics such as Foxton Locks and Hallaton Bottle Kicking – is interspersed with idiosyncratic “Quirk Alerts”; like anecdotes covering Roman latrine management, how Robin-a-Tiptoe Hill became so-named, and the meaning of bizarre Leicestershire terms such as “Gongoozlers” and “Yawny Box”.”

Andrew, who has also written a book about his native Derbyshire and another about Nottinghamshire, said the hardback book includes more than 400 photographs of locations around Leicestershire and Rutland.

For more information about the book, visit the publisher’s page at or alternatively from

Copies of the 160 page book cost £19.99