Mix-up stops Market Harborough music festival

Last year's Somewhere Festival
Last year's Somewhere Festival

A double-booking mix-up led to the cancellation of a Market Harborough music festival at the weekend that attracts hundreds of young people.

The Somewhere Fest, a free community festival featuring 15 local bands and potentially a crowd of 350-plus, was due to take place on Saturday, September 1, on a site at The Cube Youth and Community Centre in town.

But The Cube team double-booked the venue, and despite having confirmed the Somewhere booking earlier in the year, decided to honour the other booking – for a private party – on the same day.

Local district councillor Barbara Johnson said: “This was a very unfortunate decision. It is hard to understand how it came to be made. Maybe The Cube did not stop to consider how wide-ranging the impact would be on the young people of our community.”

She added: “The Cube is a charity which has done much good work in Market Harborough in the past.”

On the day the festival was due to happen, the Somewhere Fest Facebook page told supporters: “It’s with a huge amount of disappointment and no small amount of annoyance that we have had to cancel this years Somewhere Fest.

“This isn’t a decision we have taken lightly as we know a lot of you look forward to this event, particularly those of you we were hoping would be performing on the day. “

The volunteer organisers had spent the last few weeks trying, but failing, to find an alternative venue at short notice.

The Mail understands that The Cube has sent a letter of apology to Somewhere Fest organisers, explaining that the private booking came first.

Dawn O’Connell, chair of trustees at The Cube said: “We are sincerely sorry for the double booking that led to Brickworks cancelling the music festival, and it was entirely our fault.

“Brickworks were informed of the double booking several weeks ago when it first came to light (but) an alternative solution could not be found.

“We were obliged to honour the first booking, made some months ago and already contracted and paid for. Our heartfelt apology to Brickworks and all those disappointed that the festival could not take place.”