Men like Geoff make the country what it is

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A tribute has been paid to a long-serving district councillor and farmer.

Harborough’s MP Sir Edward Garnier has spoken of his great sadness at learning of the death of Geoff Hallam.

Mr Hallam (87) was the beloved husband of Phyllis, known to many as Phil, and a proud and loving father and grandfather.

Sir Edward said: “I first met Geoff when I became the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Harborough in 1990 and he was already a distinguished, long-serving and hardworking district councillor for Great Glen, the village where he lived and had farmed for many years at Stretton Hall Farm.

“Together with Phil, he would be the ever-welcoming host to Conservative events at their house, organise political and social activities in Great Glen and make sure that I was kept informed of information I needed to know the better to represent the village and his ward in Westminster.

“Geoff had reached a good old age when he died but he never let age get in the way of his work on the farm or at the council.”

Sir Edward described Mr Hallam as “assiduous, determined, fair and friendly”.

He added: “It was only his legs that eventually told him he had to cut back and hand the running of the farm over to James, his son, who has taken over from Geoff both on the farm and as the district councillor for Great Glen.

“Without Phil, Geoff would not have achieved half of all that he did achieve; they had a marriage rooted, of course, in true love and affection for each other and their family, but also in the shared values that go with being a stock farmer and a farmer’s wife and Conservatives, never showy, never overly demonstrative, but quietly doing their duty together for their friends, for the Conservative Party and above all for his constituents.

“It is men like Geoff that make this country the place it is and has been for centuries, men who did their duty without being asked or demanding reward, who just get on without complaining about the setbacks and difficulties of life, who never flinch but press on to the aid of another and with a smile and a hand open to all.

“Geoff was such a man and our lives will be the poorer without him although, like so many, I will treasure the memories I have of him. My thoughts and deepest condolences go to Phil and the family at their time of great loss.”