Meeting to look into Harborough ambulance delays

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Local health campaigner Cllr Phil Knowles has been invited to meet East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) to discuss the recent Ambulance delays in south Leicestershire.

He is also seeking an urgent meeting with top NHS bosses.

The meeting follows his call for a major enquiry into the time is takes ambulances to reach patients in the Harborough district.

The situation came to a head two weeks ago, when a 20-year-old cyclist injured in a road accident in Market Harborough had to wait two hours for an ambulance.

“That sort of delay could be life threatening,” said Cllr Knowles.

“This whole situation is a jigsaw that needs to be addressed by one overseeing investigation.”

He said ambulance delays could be caused by a host of reasons, including alleged delays at hospitals when ambulances arrive there, bed blocking, social care funding and much more.

“This and more needs to be addressed as one overall problem and without delay.’’

EMAS apologised for the delay in the case of the Harborough cyclist, saying it “fell short” of expected standards.