Mayor needs you to help provide Days of Smiles

Bob Howes, left, welcomes the new Lutterworth Mayor Philip Toye
Bob Howes, left, welcomes the new Lutterworth Mayor Philip Toye

Lutterworth’s new Mayor has launched two kind-hearted appeals that he hopes will help raise a smile for those in need in the town.

Lutterworth Town Council member Philip Toye was elected as town mayor last Tuesday and he has since told the Mail that his two mayor’s appeals are both very close to his heart.

Cllr Toye said: “These are both very close to me and I believe they will have a positive effect on the town. I wanted to do something that will help the people of Lutterworth.”

Days of Smiles is one of the appeals launched and will see funds raised to create opportunities for people with significant health problems, and the families that care for them, to be treated as VIPs for the day.

The VIP treatment will be at no cost to the families and these days out will be treats for all the family to enjoy.

Cllr Toye said: “These people need a bit of relief, and I thought it would be nice to treat them like VIPs for the day, and not just the person that is ill but the whole family.

“We don’t have a set trip in mind, it could be a visit to the beach, to a show – whatever the family would like.”

He added: “I think it is something that will be close to a lot of people’s hearts.”

The appeal will see the mayor team up with the Wycliffe Medical Practice and the Masharani Practice, both in Gilmorton Road in town.

The GPs will put forward people, or families, who they think may benefit from the Days of Smiles experience.

And, if the family are willing, the mayor will use funds raised from his appeal to treat them like a VIP for the day.

Cllr Toye added that the patients’ details would not be released and their confidentiality would be treated with respect.

His second appeal is the Food for Food Bank which will raise funds for food vouchers for the recently launched Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank.

The bank was set up by Cllr Toye and the Rev Charlie Styles, the Rector of Lutterworth, Cotesbach and Bitteswell, back in January and has gone on to help more than 160 people.

Cllr Toye said the management of the food bank will use the food vouchers to purchase items of food it needs.

He added: “We’ve worked very hard on the food bank and have helped a lot of people.

“But there’s a lot of people, particularly those isolated in villages, that still need help.”

Cllr Toye was elected back on to the town council in 2011, after previously serving as a councillor from 1996-2000.