Maureen is still giving Cubans all that she can

Visiting friends...Maureen Henley with her Cuban friend Acinda Grajales in Cuba at Acinda's home
Visiting friends...Maureen Henley with her Cuban friend Acinda Grajales in Cuba at Acinda's home

A WOMAN has been helping people in Cuba by taking much needed medical equipment, clothing and school equipment for people there.

Maureen Henley, who lives in Harborough, previously worked for Travelsphere. Her role at the company involved taking holiday makers out to Cuba.

She is now no longer working at Travelsphere but Maureen does go out to Cuba whenever she can.

She says that conditions in Cuba are Third World and that things there have been made even worse after Hurricane Sandy struck last month.

Maureen has been taking clothing, crayons, medical equipment and stationery for children in schools out to people in Cuba.

She said: “The kids there went mad over blowing bubbles I brought over from the market.”

Maureen has been aided in her quest to help the people of Cuba by those who she has taken out there on holiday.

She said that even now people will contact her asking when she is next going there so they can donate things for her to bring.

Maureen said: “I love Cuba because they haven’t got much but they appreciate what they have got.”

As well as helping people, her travels to Cuba have seen her witness historic events in the country.

In 1997 she was there with a crowd of several hundred thousand people who gathered to witness the moment when Che Guevara’s remains were brought to the country.

Maureen said: “I was lucky enough to be in Revolution Square in Cuba when they were brought back.

“There were thousands upon thousands of people paying their respects to him.”

In the past Maureen has also taken spectacles out to Cuba as there is a shortage of glasses for people there.

In the past she had help from an opticians in Kettering but she no longer does and is in need of more pairs of glasses to take out there.

Recently she attended a birthday party of Acinda Grajales (94) who she has come to know through her visits there.

She brought her a house coat from Sandra’s knickers stall on Harborough Market.

If you are able to send anything over with Maureen on her next visit to Cuba for the people there contact her on