Market will bring taste of continent to town square

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An exotic French and Continental market is making its way to Harborough on Friday and Saturday, November 3 and 4.

Traders from France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and more will be making their way to the town for the two-day event.

A spokesman for the organisers said: “The purpose is to create an international atmosphere so people can enjoy exotic flavours and unusual aromas and delight in products they might not otherwise see or buy everyday.

“Beyond the stalls that tempt the taste buds, the market has traders who showcase the beauty of international craft traditions. They include bowls and ornaments carved from Moroccan marble; Baltic amber set into handcrafted jewellery; finely woven Italian clothing; and rugs and throws from Morocco and Turkey. One stall sells an astonishing 60 varieties of beauty bars and natural soaps derived from olive and argan oil.”