Magna Park applications to be heard together

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A planning meeting, scheduled for March 23, to discuss plans for a large warehouse to the south of Magna Park has been cancelled.

But as Harborough District Council’s planning committee will also be considering another proposed development to the north of Magna Park, the council has decided to consider these applications together at one meeting. The date for this meeting is yet to be set, however, it is anticipated to be held in the summer of 2016.

The plan for the south of Magna Park has been put forward put forward by db symmetry, while theone for the north has been submitted by IDI Gazeley.

Back in January, Harborough District Council planners gave the go-ahead to a massive new warehouse scheme at Magna Park, which developers said would bring in 1,200 new jobs. Their approval for the warehouse, which would be a million square feet in size, came despite fierce and well-organised opposition from local people, including more than 900 objections to the council. The meeting attracted hundreds of people and a similar number may attend the expected summer meeting.

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