Lutterworth homes get go-ahead despite concerns


Planners have given the go-ahead to a small, nine-home development on the edge of Lutterworth, despite some councillors saying it presented a “serious highways issue”.

The new houses will be built on an overgrown, triangular site to the south of the town, fronting Moorbarns Lane.

The site is bordered by the James Bond travelling showpeople site and the A4303 Lutterworth bypass.It is close to both the John Wycliffe Primary School and Lutterworth High School.

Harborough District Council’s planning officers had recommended that Tuesday night’s Planning Committee members should approve the plan.

A majority of the committee agreed, on the condition that the developer widened the road and footpaths on the narrow Moorbarns Lane.

The development’s agent, George Burton, speaking at the meeting, had reminded the committee the homes would make a positive contribution to the district’s five-year housing plan.

The site is not in use for agriculture and overgrown, council officers said.

But ward councillor Geraldine Robinson, who voted against the development, said she felt the new homes presented a “serious highways issue”, because there was not enough room for the access road to be widened as the council required.

Councillor Janette Ackerley said she was also “very concerned” about the highways problem.

Council planning officer Chris Brown pointed out that Leicestershire County Council’s highways experts were happy with the new homes scheme.

The Highway Authority view is that any impacts of the new homes can be mitigated by widening the road and the footway.

And Councillor Richard Hadkiss said if it turned out that the road improvement condition could not be met, then the houses could not be built anyway.

The area has had a previous history of planning refusals, officers said.

Two earlier schemes for 50 dwellings, which would also have occupied the neighbouring travelling showpeople site, have been turned down by the council.