Lubenham woman launches shoe company with a conscience

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A Lubenham woman is set to launch a pioneering shoe business which aims to protect endangered habitats around the world.

Plum Turner and business partner Luke Gibson, from Rutland, are the brains behind Two Degrees Shoes, which will launch with a Kickstarter campaign at the end of May.

Two Degrees will specialise in selling stylish men’s boat shoes, and for every pair sold 1,000 sq ft of endangered habitats will be protected. This is their Feet for Feet model.

The duo have spent a year on their plans and visited 78 suppliers in Portugal to find partners matching their environmentally friendly model.

Plum said: “Luke and I are big boat shoe wearers as they are stylish, comfortable and will take you anywhere. But we wanted to solve the problems that came from a lifetime of wearing them such as blisters, declining quality and eyelets falling apart. We also wanted to create a socially conscious business. We are working the World Land Trust to help protect threatened habitats.”

Plum said that as well as protecting endangered habitats, she and Luke wanted to ensure the shoes themselves are environmentally friendly.

She added: “We visited 78 suppliers in Portugal, which is where the world’s best boat shoe makers are. We’ve carefully assessed the environmental cost of our production processes and are excited to be making our shoes using bio-leather and recycled soles.”

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