Look what they chopped out of a Harborough sewer!

The fat removed from the sewer. Photo from Anglian Water.
The fat removed from the sewer. Photo from Anglian Water.

This nasty little mountain of fat was chopped out of a sewer near Market Harborough last week.

The giant “fatberg” was found by Anglian Water in a routine check of a sewer in a farmer’s field off Dingley Road, downstream from Rockingham Road and the Riverside Industrial estate.

It’s made up of Fats, Oils and Greases (known as FOGs), as well as ‘unflushables’ such as toilet wipes, baby wipes, cotton buds and sanitary products.

An Anglian Water spokesman told the Mail: “Our collections team was in the area carrying out checks and one of the technicians noticed the flow of the pipe was higher than usual, and discovered this giant fatberg in the sewer.

“It didn’t cause any issues to customers and was sorted straight away, culminating in this glorious photo!”

Anglian Water says the company encourages people “to only put the three P’s down the loo – Poo, Pee and Paper”.

“That’s why we started our Keep It Clear campaign which sets out to tackle the problem of sewer blockages - caused by things such as FOGs being put down the sink, or wipes and other bathroom waste being flushed down the toilet.”

Anglian Water says their teams deal with a blockage every 15 minutes, at a cost of £15m a year - and 80 per cent of them are avoidable.

“Around 800 tonnes of wipes and sanitary items are flushed every week in the East, clogging sewers and harming the environment

“Nearly half of all women are flushing tampons and have no idea it’s wrong. Currently no wetwipes on the market meet water industry flushability guidelines.”