Lives at risk as HGVs use narrow town road

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A child could be killed by articulated lorries “marauding” through Little Bowden, residents say.

The HGVs are increasingly using Scotland Road as a cut-through, according to local people.

Residents living in the street, especially the Bellfields Lane end, are calling on highway bosses to put weight limit measures in place before someone is knocked down or houses are damaged by the huge vehicles.

They say up to a dozen lorries a day pass through the route, with some of them having to back-up because they cannot get through the narrow railway bridge.

It isn’t clear why more lorries have started using the unsuitable rat run. It may be to avoid the town centre or, as many locals believe, it is linked to the closure – since January – of the A6 bypass.

Bryan Drew, who lives in Scotland Road, said: “There are many commercial vehicles and around a dozen very large lorries a day using the road, several of which have to back-up from the bridge as they can’t get under it.

“My daughter and parents live close to the railway bridge and are getting very concerned about the damage being caused and safety risks from all the large lorries trying to pass through the Bellfields Lane end of Scotland Road.

“We need to stop large commercial traffic on this route and ideally make it a traffic calmed one-way system.”

Olivia Chambers, who also lives on Scotland Road, said: “People are getting concerned about the amount of lorries coming down Scotland Road.

“There’s a small bridge, which we worry will not be able to take the weight, and there’s also a school, yet there is not enough signage.

“Quite often they get to the railway bridge and can’t go through it, so use my drive to reverse or they will back-up around the corner which is a tight bend. We’re just worried that there will be a serious accident.”

Fellow Scotland Road resident Oliver Jelley added: “These giant lorries marauding through Little Bowden must be stopped before a child is mowed down.

“Scotland Road is busy enough already, but since the A6 closure it has at times been like living next to the M1.”

Local district councillor Derek Evans agreed: “The A6 closure does have a knock-on effect, back to Market Harborough.”

He said heavy traffic on Scotland Road had been an issue for years “and sat navs don’t help”.

He added: “There is already a speed limit and speed bumps on that road. The first answer to the problem is to get the A6 sorted.”