‘Little Princess’ to help children with cancer

An eight-year-old who has only ever had her hair trimmed will shed her long locks to help kids with cancer who have to wear wigs.

Brodie will have at least seven inches of her hair cut off and she will donate it to the Little Princess Trust.

The charity provides real-hair wigs, free of charge, to children that have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses.

Proud mum Natalie Smith-Howell said: “Brodie has never really had her hair cut before – just trimmed.

“It was Brodie’s idea and it came out of the blue. I was at the hairdresser having my hair done and there was a woman there donating her hair.

“Then Brodie turned around and said how long her hair was and said she wanted to do the same.

“They will cut off at least seven inches and Brodie’s response is that it will grow back.”

Natalie, of Spencer Avenue, Lutterworth, said: “It’s very good of her to do something for children who suffer from cancer and other illnesses.”

Brodie attends Sherrier Church of England Primary School in Bitteswell Road, where her mum is a catering assistant.

“The whole family is proud of her, especially her dad John. She’s Daddy’s Little Princess.”

The hair cut will take place at 11.15am, on Saturday, July 11, at Eclipse Hair, Linden Drive.

Natalie said Brodie hopes to raise at least £500 from sponsorship and donations can be made at http://www.gofundme.com/wfm8ga4

The Little Princess Trust has provided more than 2,000 wigs and said the average cost of a child’s wig is £350.

For more information on the trust’s work, make a donation or donate child’s hair go to www.littleprincesses.org.uk