Litter pick bags seven bags of rubbish in short stretch of road in Harborough

Some of the litter collected.
Some of the litter collected.

Seven bags of rubbish were collected from just a two-and-a-half mile stretch of road in Market Harborough.

The litter pick was sponsored by Naylors estate agency and they paid for Sexton Litter Management to carry out the pick last month (June) along Melton Road from the A6 roundabout up to Tur Langton.

The plan is to carry out the litter pick on a quarterly or biannual basis depending upon the level of litter. The pick costs £50 per kilometre.

“Market Harborough and the surrounding area is such an attractive part of the world and we wanted to do our bit to help keep it that way,” said William Naylor of Naylors. “Litter is something that I personally feel very strongly about and so it seemed a good idea to practise what we preach by actively supporting a litter pick.

“We hope that it will become a regular event – although in an ideal world there would be no need for it!”

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