Letter: Arrows fired in wrong direction

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It seems that in my letter published in the Harborough Mail this week (10/12/15) regarding the turf-cutting ceremony for the development of the St Luke’s Hospital site, I have fired my arrows in the wrong direction.

I apologise unreservedly to HDC and its leader Cllr Blake Pain for accusing them of not inviting Cllr Knowles to this ceremony after all he has done to press for this expansion of NHS services in Harborough for almost three decades.

I now know that the invitations for this ceremony were issued by NHS England’s property services. Changes to the NHS structures and personnel over these decades have been part of the reason for the delays in commencing this project which is so important to the people of the district. I still believe that after all his campaigning, together with the unceasing efforts of our MP and HDC, it would have been a courtesy for NHS property services to have sent him an invitation rather than to leave him standing forlornly on Leicester Road to observe this most significant occasion.

V.Revd John Morley

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