Let’s look at East Mids police says UKIP man

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The UKIP candidate for the role of Leicestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has called for more sharing of resources across the East Midlands.

“Budgets are getting tighter” said David Sprason, who is one of two UKIP councillors on Leicestershire County Council.

“It makes sense to look at combining resources across the East Midlands, like backroom staff and a single call centre.

“Criminals don’t recognise county boundaries.”

He said he would also look at combining different emergency services like the police and the fire service to save money.

Cllr Sprason currently represents the Markfield, Desford and Thornton ward, to the west of Leicester.

Cllr Sprason, who is also the national chairman of the UKIP councillors association, said he wanted to look at issues that affected ordinary people every day, from HGV vehicles keeping to designated areas to mental health issues.

He helped introduce Keep Safe Cards to protect the elderly or people with learning disabilities.

He added: “In UKIP we are fortunate in that we can work independently in our areas - I don’t have to follow party lines.

“That means I can truly represent local people in a way that other party members can’t.

“I offer real change and can truly represent the people of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.”

Mr Sprason is a former deputy leader of the Conservatives on Leicestershire County Council.

He stepped down in 2012, after admitting watching porn on his council laptop.

“It was a mistake, it was a long time ago, and I was honest about it” he said. “The laptop wasn’t being used at work, and I didn’t break any laws.”

He said he was now excited to be in near the beginning of a new party, while it was still developing a manifesto.

“We’re not left-wing, we’re not right-wing, we’re common sense” he said.