Kind Eris will give her long hair to charity

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Ten-year-old local schoolgirl Eris Compton is known for her kind heart and her long hair.

Now Eris, from Weston-by-Welland, near Market Harborough, has decided to use one to give away the other.

On Sunday, July 9, Eris will have most of her hair cut off for charity.

She will donate her hair to Little Princess Trust, which provides a thousand real hair wigs free every year to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through the side-effects of cancer treatment and other illnesses.

Eris also wants to raise £350, which would be the cost of making her hair into a wig for another child.

Eris’s mum Tracy Compton said: “Eris is such a lovely, happy, kind little girl who has learning disabilities but who desperately wants to help others.

“She’s so kind-hearted and she doesn’t see the bad in anyone.

“At the moment her hair’s down to her waist, but she would have her hair shaved off completely to help someone else, if it was up to her.

“In fact, she’s just losing most of it.”

Eris lives with mum Tracy, dad Darren, who works for British Car Auctions, sister Lileth and brother Alex at Weston-by-Welland, which is in Northamptonshire, but just five miles north-east of Market Harborough.

Eris told the Mail she had no worries about losing most of her hair.

On the contrary, she said: “I am excited about having my hair cut; it feels good to help others.

“Imagine losing all your hair - that must be hard for anyone, but especially for a child.”

If you would like to help Eris raise money for Little Princess Trust, you can go to her justgiving website here: