Kimberley’s Nepal mission

Kimberley Bateman
Kimberley Bateman

An adventurous Harborough woman is taking part in a 172 mile trek to raise money for a once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer in Nepal for three months.

Kimberley Bateman, 23, is hoping to jet to Nepal in April with the organisation Restless Development, which provides opportunities for young people to volunteer in poorer parts of the world and works in partnership with the Government-funded ICS programme.

Kimberley says she has to raise £800 to show her dedication to the programme and has already taken part in a fun run and arranged a coffee morning, which has helped her get more than half way towards her target.

In a bid to raise the remaining money, Kimberley is trekking 172 miles from Glasgow to Inverness in March.

Kimberley said: “On average this route takes from 10 to 14 days for beginners, which I am. I am going to be doing a mixture of wild camping, using campsites and hostels during the hike and will be carrying everything I need with me.

“I wanted to choose something really challenging. I know people who have done marathons or 5k runs and things like that, but I wanted to do something which would take more than one day.

“I’m quite active, so I haven’t done much extra training yet - but I might do some hikes and that type of thing when it starts getting a bit closer.”

Kimberley said her planned trip to Nepal in April will see her working in poor communities to help raise living standards and create opportunities for the people living there.

She added: “I will be living in Kathmandu Valley and helping to empower young people to make better choices by using education.

“I will be living with a family in Nepal, in a homestay and this will be in the local community. There was an earthquake there last year, and this accommodation looks to be very basic and without any luxuries.”

Kimberley, who is also a singer, is due to begin training to become a teacher later this year.

To sponsor Kimberley on her trek through Scotland, visit