Kim gets back into leathers

Kim Oldfield (right) with Denise Van Outen and the other ladies taking part
Kim Oldfield (right) with Denise Van Outen and the other ladies taking part

A Harborough mum-of-two is to feature in a web based television programme, Losing Weight: My Journey, documenting her weight loss story presented by stage and TV favourite Denise Van Outen.

Motorbike mad Kim Oldfield will appear in the six-part series alongside three other women trying to slim down with the combination of a healthy diet, taking exercise and a new weight loss tablet.

Produced by the directors of shows One Born Every Minute, Freddie Flintoff’s From Lords to the Ring and One Direction- A Year in the Making, the fly-on-the-wall documentary will follow Kim and her fellow dieters as they attempt to shed the pounds.

Shot over 12 weeks they bear all to the nation, sharing the highs and lows, the good times and the tough as they shed their unwanted pounds.

Self professed “anti-mumsy” Kim , 40, set herself the goal to get back into her bike leathers “without the use of lard, butter or WD40” and to feel fabulous for her impending holiday with her family.

Describing her relationship throughout thr process with food Kim admits: “ It has been hard to say no to temptation and I think it’s down to my Hungarian heritage influencing my approach to food.”

“When I arrive at my family home, the first thing they say is ‘Hello, how are you? Now eat!’

“I also work from home so the fridge can become my best friend and worst enemy.”

The four ladies lost a combined weight of six stones over just 12 weeks, shaping-up with helped by a healthy diet, exercise and through taking XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength tablets

Viewers will see 15st 1lb Kim be given a target weight loss of one stone 10lbs to lose over the three months to reach her target weight of 13st 3lbs.

Kim credits the new tablets with helping her lose 22lbs.

She said: “Thankfully my sugar cravings were curbed after taking the tablets so I found myself reaching for the vegetables rather than the sweet treats.”

Host and advocate of healthy living, Denise Van Outen, said: “I hope that this series will inspire the nation and motivate others to make simple changes for a healthier life.”

Losing Weight: My Journey will be available to view on the internet each Thursday from 9am at