Keeping food on curriculum


Harborough MP Sir Edward Garnier visited students at Welland Park Academy to speak to design students about the possible removal of A-level food technology from the curriculum.

The visit came after Welland Park Academy’s head of design technology, Kathy Dare, spoke to Sir Edward at one of his surgery sessions.

Mrs Dare is passionate about design education and feels that this may remove a progression route for youngsters completing GCSE food or other design subjects.

Sir Edward responded to her invitation to talk to students keen to pursue design and art subjects at GCSE, and possibly A-level, by visiting the school earlier this month.

The Year 9 students who are currently considering their options for GCSE had the opportunity to meet Sir Edward and ask him about his views with regard to government plans and the role of design technology within them.

The Government is currently consulting on a position where it would advocate the majority of students completing the requisite courses at GCSE to qualify for an EBacc, this is the English Baccalaureate comprising English, maths, two sciences, geography or history and a language.

Mrs Dare said that she wanted to showcase the various subjects within the Design and Art department and reinforce the many employment and life skills developed through this area of the curriculum.

She feels it is important that creative subjects do not become marginalised within the school curriculum.

The students said they found Sir Edward both inspiring and informative. Molly Johnson (13), said: “I really enjoyed how open Sir Edward was about what he did at school and his experience studying art.”

Mrs Dare, head of design technology said: “I really appreciate Sir Edward giving up his time, meeting our students and being so supportive with regard to our plans and ideas for the future.”

Academy principal Julie McBrearty also thanked Sir Edward for his letter confirming a petition from the school and that he would support the move to a fairer Funding Formula for all schools as Leicestershire currently receives less than other counties.