Joy as Harborough family’s stolen dog is found

The vets were able to return the dog due to the fact that it had been microchipped.
The vets were able to return the dog due to the fact that it had been microchipped.

When Coco the puppy was stolen from her Market Harborough home, her owners thought she would never be seen again.

But 10 weeks later Coco, a cross between a Jack Russell and a Pug, has turned up around 60 miles away, in Burton on Trent.

The new Derbyshire owner - who had no idea that Coco was stolen - had taken her into the vets to be microchipped.

“But I had already microchipped Coco, just two days before she was stolen” said Coco’s orignal Market Harborough owner.

“So we were contacted by the Burton vet, and we got Coco back. It was a big surprise.”

Coco disappeared from an enclosed dog run in the back garden of a family home in Market Harborough on Thursday, July 14.

“The children were very upset”, said the 27-year-old mother-of-three, who asked not to be named, through fear of the dog being taken again.

“In all honesty I thought we’d never see Coco again.

“I just told the children that Coco might have gone to another family, and kind of tried to forget about it.”

Now Coco, still only 16 weeks old, is settling in for a second time with her Market Harborough family, which includes three children, aged nine, five and one.

“I was staying with my granny in Stevenage when I heard that Coco had been found” said mum.

“Because I was away, my brother-in-law went to fetch her from Burton.

“I feel a bit sorry for the person who thought she was Coco’s owner.

“Coco had been well looked after, and the lady was really good about handing her back when she found out what had happened.

“But now of course she’s lost her dog as well.”

As for Coco herself, “she seems really happy, and of course the children are delighted.”

But the family is now extremely cautious about the safety of their little dog.

“Coco is inside now - I’m not going to let her out into the garden.

“And of course we’re still worried because we don’t know who took her.

“Do they live near us? Will they see she’s come back? We just don’t know.”