Independent Desborough group won’t stand for election after resignation of councillor

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A political party borne out of the frustrations behind Desborough’s council tax hike say they won’t stand in an upcoming election.

Independents for Desborough (IfD) were formed by residents angered by the precept rise, which saw their portion increase by more than 400 per cent.

They have put heavy pressure on the town council over the decision and last week UKIP’s Kevin Sills resigned, citing intimidation from the anti-council just a day after calling a constituent ‘girly’.

The party’s long-term aim is to stand in May 2019 but they say they won’t be taking up an earlier opportunity to gain a seat on the council.

Party leader Kevin O’Brien said: “Independents for Desborough have been overwhelmed by support from our followers and public interest in the potential Desborough Town Council election following the resignation of a councillor.

“IfD is about community, honesty, open and transparent policy to encourage a people’s manifesto that is right for Desborough and with those gaining the honour of selection to Desborough Town Council, to deliver that manifesto.

“With this in mind, one Desborough town councillor resignation is only a marginal improvement.

“In the event there were several councillor vacancies, even 12 vacancies, this is the paradigm shift we seek and believe to be worth waiting for.

“We ask for community resilience, patience and understanding with the assurance that ‘Independents for Desborough’ will be at its pre-election strongest for May 2019.

“In short, ‘Independents for Desborough’ will not be contesting the vacancy on Desborough Town Council as we do not wish to be guilty through association and as a reminder, only last summer the town voted 95 per cent no confidence, which IfD take this opportunity to reaffirm.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank supporters and those that have enquired and wish those participating in any likely election the rewards they seek.”

It is not yet known whether an election will be held or a councillor will be co-opted.