Independent Desborough group takes control of council

Annual Household Enquiry Form
Annual Household Enquiry Form

A political party set up out of frustration at a town council’s tax rise has taken control just 18 months after it was launched.

Earlier this year the ruling Conservative group on Desborough Town Council resigned amid claims of bullying.

That gave Independents for Desborough (IFD) the chance to take control of the council a year before it had hoped.

And at this morning’s (Friday’s) count, all eight of their candidates were elected to give them a 75 per cent share of the overall council.

Also elected were Labour’s ex-MP Phil Sawford and Joanna Taylor.

It means the 12-seat council is now made up of nine IFD councillors, two Labour representatives and one Independent.

Turnout was 35.8 per cent.


Linda Burnham (IFD): 1,026 elected

Paul Coles (Lab): 430

Stephen Draycott (IFD): 959 elected

Irene James (IFD): 847 elected

William Keys (IFD): 932 elected

Ben King (Lab): 525

Phil Sawford (Lab): 894 elected

Joanne Taylor (Lab): 608 elected

Richard Tod (Lab): 488

Alan Window (Lib Dem): 370

Helen Wood (Lab): 537


Claire Archer (IFD): 896 elected

Gareth Coe (Lab): 425

Andrew Coleman (Lab): 430

Timothy Howard-Healy (Lab): 389

William McElhinney (IFD): 872 elected

Jean Read (IFD): 898 elected

Clive Skinner (BNP): 60

Simon Stroud (IFD): 834 elected

Catherine Tew (Lib Dem): 120

Christopher Tew (Lib Dem): 94

Joane Watson (Lab): 494