Housing plan for two garage sites

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Two garage sites owned by Harborough District Council could be developed by the council into plots for affordable homes.

The two sites are in Paget Road, Lubenham and St Cuthbert’s Avenue, Great Glen.

If the necessary planning permissions are acquired and there are no complications, the council will enter a contract with a builder to develop the two sites.

The council hopes to then sell the houses to private, local owners.

“What we’re going to do, as we own the two sites, is develop the sites ourselves with a construction company Jenkins Weir, subject to various conditions” explained the Council’s deputy leader Cllr Phil King.

There would be three houses and a bungalow at Lubenham and four houses at Great Glen.

The council would then sell the houses - rather than the land - on the open market, maximising their income from the two sites, Cllr King explained.

The council has been steadily selling off garage sites it owns across the county.

The council has already agreed, in December 2014, to sell garage sites in Ashby Rise, Great Glen (three garages), Main Street, Fleckney (five garages) and Home Close, Kibworth Beauchamp (20 garages).

The council also agreed to the sale of the Home Close garage site in Kibworth Beauchamp to a cooperative of local residents.

The council said the sales would “ensure financial and other assets are maximised and managed efficiently”.

One more garage site has yet to be dealt with by the district council - the site at Naseby Square in Market Harborough.

A local residents’ group had put in a request to the council to turn the land into a community garden.

But Cllr King said: “We’re looking to use that site to provide houses for local residents - affordable homes to buy and rent.

“We’ve got a waiting list of around 900 at the moment, so housing has to be a priority.”

He added that it was a “slightly more complicated” site, but the council hoped to progress with the housing plan as soon as possible.