Horror as mobile library faces cuts

CUTS to Welford’s mobile library service have sparked reactions of horror from across the village.

Concerns have also been raised that its proposed new stopping point poses a serious safety risk to users.

From August 28, it will make a solitary stop on the corner of Westfield Crescent and West Street instead of touring the village to stop at locations.

The mobile library will also now only visit once a month instead of every three weeks, as it does now.

Julie Newman, secretary of Welford Women’s Institute, said: “We’re just horrified at the place it’s stopping.

“It seems a strange thing to do because where it’s due to stop is a blind corner.”

She added that the cuts would be a blow to those who are unable to visit libraries in Harborough, Northampton or Rugby.

“Of course we’re a bit on the border of three different counties here and sometimes I think we get forgotten about when it comes to things like this.”

Jackie Matthews, who is due to be co-opted on to Welford Parish Council at their next meeting, also opposes the cuts.

She said: “It’s a great shame, especially for those who are physically unable to get to it.

“It’s going to be put in a very dangerous position for people who are disabled or who have trouble standing.”

She added that the less frequent service with a single stopping point would be likely to create overcrowding issues.

“I would have thought that instead of a single stop for an hour and a half, three half-hour stops across the village would have been more appropriate.”

The new revised schedule will see the library visit the village between 1.45 and 3.15pm on the fourth Sunday of every month.

A spokesman for Northants County Council, which runs the service, said: “It is no secret that we are facing serious financial challenges and as a result we have had to look across all our services, including libraries, to see where savings can be made.”