Hippy Jon’s column: Forget dangerous Neknominations, try virtuous circle of kindness nominations!

Jon Pollard, aka @hippy_jon on Twitter, is a columnist for the Mail
Jon Pollard, aka @hippy_jon on Twitter, is a columnist for the Mail

Social media, Facebook, Twitter and the like can be great places – but they can also be breeding grounds for terrible things.

You may have heard about the latest social media “game” Neknominations.

The idea being you film yourself necking a large alcoholic drink, the stronger the better, then nominate friends to try to outdo you.

As the “game” has progressed, nominees are trying harder and harder to outdo the nominator.

There have been stronger drinks and more outlandish locations and methods. If drinking becomes competitive it can only lead to disaster.

Deaths have now been attributed to the “game” in the UK.

Yes Deaths.

See the BBC story here Deaths blamed on Neknominations.

People have drunk themselves to death in a bid to “impress” their peers.

I have a suggestion for a much better game. RAKNomination. Random Act of Kindness Nomination.

Do a RAK yourself; maybe help someone across the street, carry someone’s shopping, pay for an extra coffee in a shop and tell them to gift it the first person they see smiling. That kind of thing.

If you feel like it, post a video on Facebook or YouTube, then nominate one or two others.

If someone Neknominates you, politely refuse and start your own chain of RakNominations.

If it spreads half as fast as Neknomination, imagine how much nicer the world will be.

I would like to look on this column as my initial RAK and, to get the ball rolling, I nominate all the staff at the Harborough Mail.

Do your worst folks! {Deputy editor’s note: Consider the challenge accepted, watch this space!}.

Column by Jon Pollard.

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