Help us clean up Horncastle

These volunteers planted bulbs in Horncastle but a town councillor would like to see more people come  forward.
These volunteers planted bulbs in Horncastle but a town councillor would like to see more people come forward.

A leading member of Horncastle Town Council has called for the public to do more to help clean up the town.

Coun Phil Cantwell was responding to claims by a resident at a town council meeting that the authority does not do enough to keep streets free of weeds.

The resident – a woman who was not named – said: “I asked at the last town council meeting about what was going to be done about the weeds in the town centre and the surrounding streets.

“I was assured by the town clerk that it would be looked into. Now, the weeds are even higher. Have you got any further with it?”

Town clerk Gillian Mauger told the woman that volunteers had recently taken part in a number of initiatives.

She said: “Members of the public went out a couple of weeks ago and did some work and they will be going out again.”

However, the woman replied: “There’s still a lot of weeds though.”

Town mayor Coun Bill Aron told the woman that East Lindsey District Council’s street cleaning machine had been operating in the town.

However, the woman said: “We need it on the footpaths – not the streets – that’s where all the weeds are.

“If some of you councillors actually walked around this town and saw what a disgusting state some of the roads and footpaths are in, you would perhaps do a bit more about it.

“If the weeds were cleared properly in the first place, then they would not grow again.

“It’s a whitewash. You (councillors) aren’t bothered.”

That final comment drew an angry response from Coun Cantwell, who had clashed with the same woman at a previous meeting.

He said: “Maybe if we had more support from people living in Horncastle – as I said at our last meeting – then it would be more of a concerted joint effort.

“You can’t rely on Horncastle town councillors to clear the weeds.

“This is the second occasion you have brought the town council into disrepute.

“Think carefully about what you are saying.”

The woman replied: “I’m not suggesting anything. Two meetings ago, you said you were going to write to the district council.

“What’s happening? People have a right to know.”

Coun Cantwell said: “We are looking into it. Remember, we are all volunteers. We all help as often as we can, but, as I said, you can’t just rely on us.”

Coun Aron suggested the town council would contact the district authority about the issue.