Help put toys on the table this Christmas

Carrie Hurst of Leicestershire Cares, Alix Dean and Patrick Kelly from Border House Hostel, and Katharine Lightbown of Cares
Carrie Hurst of Leicestershire Cares, Alix Dean and Patrick Kelly from Border House Hostel, and Katharine Lightbown of Cares

Harborough businesses and residents are being asked to join those across the county to donate for this year’s Leicestershire Cares Collect 4 Christmas campaign.

Generous businesses and their employees have given an impressive £165,000 of goods and donations in the 14 years that the annual Collect 4 Christmas appeal has been running.

Last year, 27 of Cares’ member firms donated more than £21,500 worth of practical items for homeless people.

For the 2014 campaign, Cares is asking its members and other companies to support Toys on the Table, the Leicestershire charity which collects new toys and gifts to pass on to children who otherwise might not receive anything for Christmas.

To launch the campaign, Leicestershire Cares welcomed manager Patrick Kelly and family support manager Alix Dean from Border House Hostel, which is one of the many organisations that receives Christmas gifts from Toys on the Table to give to children on Christmas Day.

The Border House Hostel, of Bridlespur Way, Leicester, provides shelter for homeless families.

Mr Kelly said: “Our families truly appreciate the fact that others have taken the time and effort to think about their children at Christmas time.”

Terry Watts, the chairman of trustees for Toys on the Table, said: “We are really delighted to have the support of the Leicestershire Cares Collect 4 Christmas campaign.

“Leicestershire Cares is a really vibrant organisation with a creative and resourceful membership whom we know will have a positive effect on this year’s contribution of toys.

“I’m sure it will mean a better Christmas for our county’s needy children.”

Carrie Hurst, of Leicestershire Cares, added: “Our member businesses and their employees are incredibly generous each year with the donations they give to Collect 4 Christmas.

“Knowing their gifts will be making Christmas Day exciting and fun for hundreds of children will spur them on to what we hope will be a record total this year.”

Toys on the table

The appeal needs donations of new toys and gifts.

They need to be inspected, so should be unwrapped.

They will be wrapped before being given to the child.

Money can be donated to help buy gifts when the campaign organisers may find it difficult matching to appropriate ages.

The toys can be taken to a wide range of outlets, with the full list available on the internet at or by calling the charity on 07531 521796, 07977 131916 or 0116 278 4001.

You can also email them at

Other help needed

People can also help Toys on the Table by promoting the campaign, volunteering to match toys to the age-groups, volunteering to assist in collection and distribution, and identifying needy individuals to receive the toys and gifts.

Also, if you know of any children or families who need the help of the charity, complete a referral form which can be downloaded from the website above or obtained from social services.