Health centre issues warning over bogus telephone calls scam

Residents have been warned not to be drawn in by a telephone health scam.

A bogus caller pretending to be acting on behalf of Market Harborough Medical Centre, in Coventry Road, tried to convince a Market Harborough woman to buy omega-3 fish oil supplements.

The surgery was made aware of the bogus calls after the patient notified staff.

The health centre has now acted to distance itself from the fraudulent calls and notified the public on Monday.

A spokesman for the centre said: “A patient recently reported to us that she received a phone call from a man, saying that he was conducting a survey for the medical centre on the use of omega capsules and that she could buy some from him for £15.99.

“He then went on to ask her for bank and credit card details. Very sensibly, she refused him.

“We would like to reiterate that under no circumstances would we ask any sales organisation to contact patients on our behalf. Patients should treat such calls with great suspicion. It is certainly a cruel scam which can cause unnecessary worry and concern.”

The health centre took advice from Action Fraud, the national fraud organisation based at The Metropolitan Police HQ in London, which said the centre should report any similar incidents and share the information with the wider community.

The centre spokesman said: “We would be keen to hear from people if someone purporting to represent the medical centre contacts them.”