Harborough woman left with horrific injuries after motorcyclists forced her car off the road

Leanne Hunt. Photo: SWNS.com
Leanne Hunt. Photo: SWNS.com

A mum suffered horrific facial injuries when she crashed after swerving to avoid hitting two motorbike yobs playing a deadly game of "chicken" with her car.

Leanne Hunt, 30, lost control of her Nissan Qashqai and careered off the road when the two thugs deliberately sped towards her on the wrong side of the road.

Leanne Hunt. Photo: SWNS.com

Leanne Hunt. Photo: SWNS.com

The mum-of-two drove into a ditch before ploughing head-first into a tree.

Shockingly, the two riders who caused the crash fled the scene in Welland, near Harborough, Leics.

The company director, from Harborough, was left with bruising to her face and arms, spinal shock and a swollen abdomen following the horror smash at 6.20pm on November 9.

Miss Hunt, who was alone in the car, was spotted by a passing motorist who dialled 999 and an ambulance rushed her to Leicester Royal Infirmary, where she stayed overnight.

Yesterday (Tue) she released shocking injury pictures of herself in a bid to shame the riders who left her for dead.

Miss Hunt, who lives with partner Nicky Wood, 39, and their two children, said: "I was just driving down a quiet country road at the time, I travel down it every day to go to and from work, so I know it like the back of my hand.

"I saw two lights in the distance, and my first instinct was to just assume that a car was coming the other way.

"But I could see the lights moving along the road, and thought: 'How on earth is that car getting bigger?'

"Finally I realised what was happening.

"It was two motorbikes, who were swerving in and out of each other and overtaking one another. They were driving so erratically.

"I think one of the riders was playing 'chicken' with me.

"It was either that or they were racing one another, and they didn't even have helmets on.

"It is a very quiet road, there's a pub quite far down it, but other than that it's just farmland, so they must have assumed that they'd be able to get away with it.

"It's baffling that people would ride round like that, trying to be big men and impress their friends.

"Perhaps it's the first time they've ever done that, or maybe it's something that they do pretty regularly. I don't know.

"I started to slow down as they got closer, but one moved on to my side of the road and started driving straight towards me.

"I thought that the bike was going to plough straight into me, and I had to swerve out the way.

"The outcome would have been much worse if I had hit them. I couldn't have lived with myself if I hit one of them and killed them.

"What happened next was all a bit of a blur, I just flew across to the other side of the road, hit a mud patch and flew down a ditch.

"It felt like it lasted for ages, but in reality it was probably only about five or six seconds.

"I went head first into a tree, and it hit directly on to the driver's side of the car.

"Thank god I was in that big Qashqai. I used to have a Ford Focus, and if I had been in that then I probably wouldn't be around today.

"I blacked out for a few minutes, and when I woke up I had to wait in the car for someone to come and help.

"I couldn't move, I was just paralysed with fear. After about ten minutes, a car came and, thankfully, pulled over and dialled 999.

"At hospital, they were just pumping me with fluids and morphine to try and calm me down, because I was in shock.

"The injuries are awful, I can't bear to look at myself in the mirror.

"Every time I hear a loud noise, even if it's one of the children shouting, then I start to panic. I've really struggled to sleep and have had horrific nightmares about it.

"Not being able to move my arms properly has wreaked havoc with my normal life - I can't even type or do any of the domestic chores.

"Nicky says that I look like a dinosaur, and that's probably the best description for how I am right now.

"My doctor has told me that it's going be a few months before I'm back to work, and I've got a lot of long hours of physiotherapy ahead.

"These people have no idea how much damage this has done to me, just all from their stupid actions.

"I know it will be hard for them to be caught, but even if I just prevent this happening to anybody else, I'd just like them to realise what they've done."

Leicestershire Police is investigating the crash and appealing for witnesses to come forward.

A spokesperson said: "There was a collision in Thorpe Langton Road, Welland at 6.29pm on 9 November.

"A woman sustained injuries after she was involved in a collision possibly with motorcyclists. Enquiries are continuing."