Harborough volunteer heads out to Bangladesh

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A volunteer at Harborough’s Oxfam shop has been selected for a trip to Bangladesh to witness first-hand some of the work the charity undertakes.

Andy York, of Fleckney, flies out to India on December 4 for ten days as part of a small team of volunteers and Oxfam employees.

“I am really excited about it,” said Andy, a retired paper merchant who has volunteered at Oxfam for three years.

“I have never been to Asia at all although I have always loved the idea of it,” he added.

The dream became a reality after Harborough Oxfam’s deputy manager Brandon Richards put Andy’s name forward for the trip.

“I had to write why I wanted to go and then I did a phone interview. After I was selected I did a health and safety course and attended an induction meeting,” he explained.

Participants have to be physically fit, which was no problem for Andy – a keen runner to half-marathon standard.

“The idea of the trips, which they do to India and Africa, is that you see the work Oxfam is doing,” he said.

“We will be touring around villages by car, boat and light aircraft.

“Bangladesh is a country of extreme poverty and few rights for women and Oxfam has its own full-time team out there leading these projects.”

Andy, who is married to Dawn and has four sons and four grandchildren, has to travel light for the trip, but his luggage will include essential mosquito-repellant trousers.

On his return, he will be giving talks and showing photographs to local groups about his trip.