Harborough students reach grand finals of BBC choir contest

The Oakham School choir
The Oakham School choir

Three Harborough students who attend the Oakham School have reached the final of the BBC Songs of Praise School Choir of the Year competition after appearing before millions of viewers in the semifinals last week.

Rebecca Britton, Imogen Brown and Beth Whitlock are all part of the group which will appear in the grand final on Sunday (April 24).

After months of hard work and practice, the choir impressed both the judges and hundreds of members of the audience at Sheffield City Hall with their a cappella performance of “Amazing Grace”.

Director of music Peter Davis said: “I’m so incredibly proud of the choir – they performed beautifully under incredible pressure.”

Katherine Jenkins OBE, who is one of the most successful classical music crossover artists in the world commented that Oakham’s tuning and diction were both “perfect”. She also described how the choir “created such as beautiful atmosphere - they really drew us in”. At the end of the competition, prior to the judges announcing the finalists, she summed up the Oakham’s performance as “fantastically strong”.

The last time the School entered the competition, in 2012, they reached the semi-final. “To have reached the semi-final a few years ago and now the final, of what is probably one of the most fiercely competitive and prestigious school choral competitions - having only entered it twice - really is quite something,” continues Peter.

The choir’s performance can still be viewed on the BBC’s iPLayer.