Harborough schoolgirl is kickboxing champion

Kickboxing champion Tamzyn Clarke (10) of Market Harborough
Kickboxing champion Tamzyn Clarke (10) of Market Harborough

You could say Market Harborough schoolgirl Tamzyn Clarke gets a real kick out of keeping fit.

Because just 18 months ago, Tamzyn was overweight and didn’t do enough exercise.

But then she discovered kickboxing – and now her friends say she’s more like ‘Supergirl’!

Tamzyn, a pupil at Fardon Fields Primary School in Harborough, has now won ten kickboxing trophies and medals from all over Britain, including four gold medals.

“Kickboxing really helps you lose weight and feel healthy,” the ten-year-old told the Mail.

“And, yes, now my friends think I’m like Supergirl!”

Tamzyn has gone on to qualify for the World Kickboxing Championship Trials, after joining the FLiC (Family Lifestyle Club) weight management programme run by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

She began in June 2013, following concerns from her parents and a school nurse that she had become overweight.

FLiC is an eight-week programme, meeting once a week, for children aged eight to 13 and their families.

It offers support and information about healthy eating, physical activity and weight management.

“Tamzyn started kickboxing on this course, and to our surprise she just loved it,” said mum Hayley Clarke.

“Never in my dreams did I think that I’d watch her kickboxing in tournaments. But she really goes for it!

“She’s now so much fitter, but her self-confidence has increased as well, and her behaviour has also really improved.”

So does Tamzyn ever get scared by the bouts?

“You get used to it,” she said. “It is a little bit dangerous, but you wear protective clothing. I’ve been injured, but not hospital-injured.”

Dietician Jessica Upton said: “Tamzyn has done fantastically well and is a perfect example of how making small changes can have a significant impact on health and lifestyle.”

Cllr James Hallam, who has responsibility for health at Harborough District Council, added: “Obesity is becoming a growing problem within society, and that is why we are supporting this type of programme to tackle the issue head on.”

The Department of Health says that a third of British ten to 11-year-olds are now classed as overweight.