Harborough’s squirrel pie features on Jamie Oliver TV show

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Phil Walmsley, Aimi Walmsley, Kath Walmsley and Jimmy Doherty
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Phil Walmsley, Aimi Walmsley, Kath Walmsley and Jimmy Doherty

A popular fixture at Market Harborough’s twice-monthly farmers’ market featured on celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Channel 4 show last week.

One of Oliver’s latest shows is alongside farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty for Friday Night Feast on Channel 4 on Fridays at 8pm.

The pair join forces at their end-of-the-pier cafe to make top feasts for the weekend.

The last episode featured Harborough farmers’ market staple Nice Pie and the firm is now expecting their award-winning, traditional and exotic meat pies to be in even more demand after an appearance on the programme.

Kath Walmsley, husband Phil and their daughters Aimi and Niomi – the family behind Old Dalby-based Nice Pie – were visited by Jamie and Jimmy last summer to film a feature about their Gold medal-winning British Pie Award squirrel pie.

That’s right. Squirrel.

If you haven’t tasted it, Jamie described it as ‘rich and meaty, but not gamey’, and shoppers in Harborough have already given it the seal of approval as Phil sells out every time he sets his stall out at the farmers’ market on The Square in Harborough.

Enquiries and orders are going through the roof after the appearance on the TV show, so much so that Phil doesn’t know if his family will be able to keep up with demand.

Phil said: “Jamie loved our pies and when he said ‘this tastes amazing’ I thought ‘we’re in trouble here’ because when he endorses food it becomes very popular, of course, so we’ll get even more orders.”

It really has been a rapid rise to success for the family-run business.

Kath set up the company in August 2013 and within a month the awards came flooding in, culminating in an astonishing 16 awards at the 2014 British Pie Awards.

It was this success that brought the Walmsleys to the attention of the Channel 4 producers.

And it’s not just exotic pies that the firm produces.

Kath also makes a range of traditional pies such as cheesy vegetable, steak and onion, and minced beef, but it’s the squirrel, kangaroo, and even road-kill pies that have put the company firmly on the map.

If you want to try the pies you can place an order via the website www.nice-pie.com or visit the Harborough farmers’ market on the first and third Thursday of every month.