Harborough’s CCTV is set to be switched back on after months of problems

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Council-owned CCTV cameras across Market Harborough’s town centre could be switched back ON this week.

The 17-camera network has had problems since September 2015, when the control room had to be relocated, the Mail understands.

The Mail has so far held off reporting any CCTV shutdown, for fear of encouraging crime in the town.

But news of the CCTV fault has spread anyway. The paper has been told by some readers “you must report this”.

Now Harborough District Council leader Blake Pain has told the Mail: “BT is due to do work on the system today (Thursday).

“If things go smoothly with them and other contractors, the town’s CCTV will go live this week.”

The Mail understands that the town’s CCTV system has not been working properly for seven months.

Cllr Pain stressed that CCTV was working in Lutterworth, and mobile CCTV cameras were still operating in Market Harborough.

The permanent CCTV cameras are placed in key locations like The Square, High Street and the Commons Car Park.

The new CCTV control centre will be within the town’s police station on Fairfield Road, but is not operated by the police.

“The new location did require work to re-route the transmission of camera signals to enable the CCTV system to be fully operational” said Cllr Pain.

“The work has proved complicated, due to technical reasons outside the council’s control, and has therefore taken longer than originally anticipated.”

The district council’s Liberal Democrat opposition leader Cllr Phil Knowles said: “There has been much speculation about the town’s CCTV system. This is now the appropriate time for a full report in a public forum about exactly what happened here.”