Harborough Rotary health check event is a success

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Dozens of people received free health advice during a blood pressure checking session held in Harborough.

Market Harborough Rotary Club teamed up with the Stroke Association for the annual event - dubbed Know Your Blood Pressure - at St Dionysius Church.

As well as offering free blood pressure checks, the event also aimed to raise awareness of the link between high blood pressure and strokes.

Volunteer nurses carried out the checks, supported by Rotarians

Members of the Harborough branch of the Diabetes UK voluntary group were also offering support and information.

Rotarian Mark Taylor, who leads the group who organised the event in Harborough, said: “Over the years, this event may have prevented thousands of people from having a stroke.

“It may be quite worrying to discover you could be at risk of a stroke but, once it is highlighted, it’s possible to make changes which will reduce that risk.

“The team helped people with many queries and helped them find out how strokes can be prevented through simple lifestyle choices.

“Regular exercise, healthy eating and giving up smoking can all help to regulate blood pressure.”

In total 80 checks were made, 41 women and 39 men - a ten per cent increase on the number of tests at the 2017 event.

Most were aged over 60 years. Of these 3 were advised to see their doctor soon, and 13 were advised to “keep an eye” on their blood pressure.

FAST leaflets from the Stroke Association were also given out and members of the Diabetes UK group supplied details of their meetings.

Mr Taylor added: “The Rotary Club is pleased to offer this service to the community.”