Harborough residents want to share the bounty of their gardens this summer

Harborough's new Grow and Pick team
Harborough's new Grow and Pick team

A group of Harborough residents have become the first people to join a new Grow and Pick initiative in the town, which will see them plant herbs, salad leaves and strawberries for anyone to pick and eat.

The Granville Street group, called Grow and Pick Harborough, say they are trying to cut down on the number of miles our food travels before it reaches our plate.

Judy Rowley, group co-ordinator, said: “We will be planting herbs, salad leaves and even strawberries in their front gardens for anyone to pick and eat this summer.

“Most of us buy our fruit and vegetables from shops where it has often travelled thousands of miles from where it is grown to reach our kitchens. The average bag of salad from Italy travels 890 miles to us and costs £1.50 – the price of which will buy a packet of mixed leaf seeds that will last us all summer long.” The group promises to offer encouragement and support to anyone who wants to join in.

Judy added: “GaP is looking for more people to join in, whether as an individual, a group of people in a particular street or workplace, or in an organisation. You don’t need to have gardening expertise. GaP also needs people who are good at making things like containers, or who have IT or marketing experience.”

If you would like to know more, email Judy at judy.rowley@virgin.net.