Harborough pupils learn coding skills in special lesson

Pupils at Farndon Fields Primary School were given a lesson in coding
Pupils at Farndon Fields Primary School were given a lesson in coding

Pupils at Farndon Fields Primary School in Market Harborough have been learning ‘coding’ with the help of Barclays Digital Eagles.

Seven pupils, and their parents, took part in the ‘Code Playground’ workshops teaching the same coding skills as used in the latest computer game graphics and Hollywood blockbuster special effects.

Coding lessons have proven not only to be very popular with children but also their carers helping them learn skills which they perhaps didn’t learn at school.

Nikki Prince, Headteacher at Farndon Fields Primary School, said: “The children were really inspired to continue their coding journey outside of school and the parents that attended felt better prepared to support their children in this new digital world.”

Bradley Wilson, Branch Manager at the Market Harborough branch of Barclays added: “Our Digital Eagles work in local communities to give people the opportunity to learn and embrace digital skills, from sending an email, Skyping family or learning how to bank online.

“We’re now expanding that support to include coding either online or in branch, so whether you’re seven or one hundred and seven, you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn the emerging language of the new digital economy.”

Recent Barclays research shows nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of British school children say computing is their favourite subject and the findings show just how far education has swung from their parents’ generation who favoured English during their school days (21 per cent).

However, the statistics also show that the introduction of coding into the National Curriculum has left some parents unable to help with their children’s new favourite school subject.

Nearly a third of parents don’t believe they can assist their children with computing homework and many said they ‘dread’ helping with it.

This initiative gives customers and non-customers alike the opportunity to learn about coding online or in branch with the help of a Barclays Digital Eagle.

Parents and grandparents are being encouraged to participate in order to increase their digital know-how.