Harborough optometrist leads pioneering world eye care research

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A Harborough optometrist is leading a pioneering research project which could help transform the way eye care is translated into health care around the world.

Christian French, of Davis Optometrists in St Mary’s Road is leading the study – which is examining at the best way to assess and record retinal blood vessels.

Christian said: “The premise of my research is to show how the current method of examining and imaging the retina has progressed with modern equipment like our 3D OCT scanners, but the way we’re officially supposed to record the findings hasn’t been updated in more than 140 years.

“There is growing interest here because so far no other research like this has been carried out anywhere else in the world.”

So far he has recruited 260 patients for the study during their routine eye appointments. Once they agreed to take part, they were asked health-related questions and medical history information was taken. They also had their blood pressure and blood oxygen levels recorded and retinal photographs were taken.

Christian presented the findings of his first year of work at the latest conference for the European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER), which is the main research association for ophthalmology in Europe.

Lynn Carson, practice manager at Davis Optometrists, said: “We are hugely proud of what Christian has so far achieved.”