Harborough MP's pledge to help farmers worried about both rural crime and Brexit

Harborough MP Neil O’Brien has vowed to support the district’s farmers worried about both rural crime and Brexit.

The Conservative MP promised to get behind farmers after meeting them in Lubenham.

Neil O'Brien MP

Neil O'Brien MP

They raised the issue of the Government’s published no-deal tariffs and the impact on their ability to compete with imported meat as well as countryside crime.

Mr O’Brien aired their concerns to Michael Gove, the Minister responsible for no-deal planning across all Government Departments.

The MP is also set to talk to the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner to share farmers’ worries over rising crime.

Mr O’Brien said: “I was pleased to hear the Minister commit to updating the no-deal tariffs and speak specifically of agri-food as a vulnerable sector that required additional protection.

“This is something I will continue to raise in Parliament on behalf of farmers who play such an important role across Harborough.

“Rural crime is also a hugely important issue that I will be raising on the behalf of local farmers.”

He added: “I was able to join one of our local Harborough officers out across many of the villages recently and know how hard they work across the constituency.

“Leicestershire Police are due to recruit over 100 officers in the coming months and then more on top as part of the Prime Minister’s pledge for 20,000 new officers across the country.

“I look forward to working with the police locally and Home Office Ministers to ensure Harborough and Leicestershire get a fair share of this additional resourcing.”